Our Course Offerings


Play with Robots: 8+ (Duration 08 hrs)


  • Come in my way Robot
  • Line tracker robot
  • Take Diversion Robot
  • battle of robots

Course Details

  • Duration:8 Hours
  • Eligibility:8+years of age

What is the use of learning it?

  • Explore the use of electronic components
  • Enhances innovative and creative knowledge
  • Gives basic knowledge on how robots works

Fees : $350 


Robot Fabrication :12+ (Duration 10 hrs)


  • Navigation Robot wireless (Arduino)
  • Bi-Pedal Robot wireless (Arduino)
  • 3D Printing
  • Robotic Arm Basic
  • Wolverine Claws (With 3D Printing and robotic arm)

Course Details

  • Duration: 10 Hours
  • Eligibility: 12+years of age

What is the use of learning it?

  • Helps you to innovate new robots
  • Creative knowledge on wireless devices
  • Starting point to develop you own projects

Fees : $450


Embedded system with Aurdino : 15+ (Duration 12 hrs)


  • Finger print secure system for your home
  • Remote switch
  • Interfacing IR sensor module with Ardunio
  • Interfacing LDR
  • Interfacing ultrasonic sensor
  • Interfacing LCD display (16X 2) with Ardunio
  • Interfacing remote with Ardunio
  • Turning ON & OFF an LED using Ardunio
  • Real time application with Ardunio
  • Interface all sensors into one application device

Course Details

  • Duration:12 Hours
  • Eligibility:15+years of age
  • Class Timing:Convenient time between 11 am to 6 pm

What is the use of learning it?

  • Get to know about ardunio
  • Helps you to develop your own projects
  • Enhances your ability to understand and develop more than 1000 Projects

Fees : $550


(Duration 20 hrs)


  • Exclusively trained only by XERA Robotics
  • The interesting and Unique DIY methods will be trained to the young talent’s which includes Our patent pending design on various concepts to all the classes.
  • Our main mission is to utilise global sustainable energy and eliminate global warming and climate change with Technology.

What you learn from this course

  • Latest Technology like Robotics, Drones and Energy will be trained practically where the young talents can implement on their home by their own.
  • Learn the futuristic technology in the most enjoyable and exciting way.

Fees : $850 to $1000

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