About Us

About XERA Robotics training

People with similar thoughts and passionate in bringing a change in the minds and lives of aspiring professionals, joined together in this cause of making fun in teaching and learning robotics to young talents

Training Approach – Identification

The main concept of building robots aims to help students develop logic building and critical thinking skills at a very young age in an enjoyable way.

Implementation in a Unique way

At Xera robotics training we believe in the experiential training approach. We seek to encourage autonomy and empowerment in individuals through case studies, assignments, role-plays, games and exercises, simulations and ‘Action Plans’ in order to ensure practical and measured applications at the workplace.

Value creation

This is the most significant aspect of training wherein the actual benefit from the training is realized. We employ tools like questionnaires, 360° Feedback and collective data analysis to evaluate the training impact at 3 different levels: Reaction, Learning, and Action. This helps the organization realize the efficacy of the training intervention. These tools help the organization evaluate and retain individuals based on their core competencies.

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