Our Course Offerings


Play with Robots:
8+ (Duration 08 hrs)


  • Come in my way Robot
  • Line tracker robot
  • Take Diversion Robot

Course Details

  • Duration:8 Hours
  • Eligibility:8+years of age

Fees : $350


Robot Fabrication :
12+(Duration 10 hrs)


  • Robotic Arm Basic
  • Bi-Pedal Robot wireless
  • 3D Printing

Course Details

  • Duration: 10 Hours
  • Eligibility: 12+years of age

Fees : $450


Embedded system with Aurdino : 15+ (duration 12 hrs)


  • Interfacing ultrasonic sensor
  • Remote switch
  • Interfacing LDR

Course Details

  • Duration:12 Hours
  • Eligibility:15+years of age

Fees : $550


Purpose of Joining with us
The main concept of building robots aims to help students develop logic building and critical thinking skills at a very young age in a enjoyable way.
What course you should join
All the courses are structured based on the age factor. All the courses will have your own robotic kits where you learn from practical experimenting on your own.
Who can join
Anyone who is interested to equip yourself in the latest technologies. School students, college students and working professionals can be part in our student community.
Why XERA Robotics
Each course has been structured by industry experts in Robotics, Mechatronics and Artificial Intelligence and pioneers in education. Our training facility in Parramatta is a very accessible and equipped with range of robotic kits for students. We have provided technical solution to Big industries like Changdae system, Manvision and many Research universities across the World. Our aim is to provide a good platform and innovative concepts to our student community and make then showcase their projects. Our students can share their projects and we recognise the work of each students.

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Join your kids with xera robotics to experience the most enjoyable and exciting way of learning Robotics and futuristic technology. All the courses are made as activities by our experts so you kid understand the concepts and make them problem solving in real world. Join today @ info@xerarobotics.com.au

Payment Details

Account Name : Xera Robotics pty Ltd

BSB: 082-356

Account Number: 89-139-8066

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